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Сочинение на Тему Спорт на Английском языке

Уважаемый посетитель, по ссылке выше можно скачать Сочинение на Тему Спорт на Английском языке. Скачивание доступно на компьютер и телефон через торрент.

Сочинение на Тему Спорт на Английском языке

Sport is an important part of every person’s life. It helps people to keep fit, healthy and slim. Sport is also very competitive. When it first appeared in the world people started thinking of different contests and choosing the best ones in each category. The Olympic Games, which take place every four years, are a good example of competition. It’s a great occasion, where sportsmen from all over the world can show their talents. I’m a great fan of these games. If I only had a chance, I would happily participate in such competition, or at least I would like to be the spectator at these games. My favourite sport is figure-skating. I always follow the news in the field of figure-skating and I try not to miss the beautiful shows of this sport on TV. I’m also quite good at ice-skating but I’m not as professional as most of the girls on the ice-rink. Other sports that I do and enjoy are swimming and tennis in summer and skiing in winter. One of my best friends is a professional tennis player. She goes in for tennis since early childhood and each time there is a local or regional championship she takes part and often wins. I’m very proud of her. The sport that I don’t like is football. It’s a bit boring for me, though my dad really loves watching the matches. Speaking about everyday trainings I always try to do my morning exercises and sometimes if my friend is up to it we go jogging. It helps us to be fit and provides with energy for the rest of the day.

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Sport is getting more and more popular nowadays. There are a lot of gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, dance and yoga studios in every big city. In the 21st century all men, women and children are supposed to take up some kind of sport. It is a good trend, because it makes people healthier and happier. Sport cures depression and makes life longer. It allows people to keep fit and feel young despite the age.

Now I would like to tell you about my “relationship” with sport. In my early childhood I didn’t visit any sport classes, except for PE lessons at school. My dream was to go to the swimming pool, but I didn’t have such opportunity. I didn’t have a bicycle or roller skates either, because they were too expensive. So I wasn’t sporty for a long time.

In recent years, though, I’ve been in love with sport. I started to go to the gym, because workouts cheered me up and made me feel stronger. Then I tried aerobics, pilates and yoga classes and I liked them more. I had to be more active and my whole body worked there.

Then I tried dance lessons and dancing became my passion. I still go to the gym to keep my muscles toned, but dancing brings me special pleasure. I tried orient, exotic, tribal fusion and some other dancing styles. Now I like to mix their elements in my dances. Dancing has become that kind of sport that is right for me. It makes me feel happy.

I think that the most important thing is to find your kind of sport. You shouldn’t feel tired or annoyed after trainings. On the contrary, you should feel refreshed and energized. It is good that there are a lot of sport classes in most cities. People can try them and find the one that will bring a little happiness in their lives.

All kinds of physical exercises are very useful to make our bodies strong and to keep ourselves fit and healthy. To tell the truth I don’t do sports regularly. In the morning I do some exercises just to awake. This leads me in a good mood. In summer I like swimming, riding the bike or horse riding, but in winter I usually do not go in for sports. I don’t like skiing or tobogganing very much. I think I am not the person who can be fond of doing sports, though I consider sport an important part of human life. It really helps us to be healthy in mind and body.The human body is much more complicated than any machine. Yet it need less day-to-day care than machine. No machine can do all the things the body can do. No machine will work for 70 years or more, day and night, requiring only air, water, food and a few simple rules. Frankly speaking, I have never had a wish to be a professional sportsman. I think professional sport is not really suitable for young people, because children just can’t cope with the pressures of the world of sport. To my mind, young players shouldn’t be allowed to become professionals until the age of 17 or 18 at least. This is my point of view. Our family is not involved in professional sports. The most popular activities in our family are traveling.Every summer we travel in their own country and in other countries.

Видео о спорте в английском языке:

Все виды физических упражнений очень полезны, чтобы наши организм был сильным и держал себя в форме и был здоров. Честно говоря, я не занимаюсь спортом регулярно. Утром я делаю некоторые упражнения чтобы просто проснуться.Это приводит меня в хорошее настроение. Летом я люблю плавать, ездить на велосипеде или на лошадях, а зимой я обычно не занимаюсь спортом. Я не люблю горные лыжи или катание на санях очень много. Я думаю, что я не человек, который может любить заниматься спортом, хотя я считаю, спорт важной частью человеческой жизни. Это действительно помогает нам быть здоровыми телом и духом. Тело человека является гораздо более сложным, чем любая машина. Тем не менее, это нужно меньше заботиться изо дня в день, чем машины. Ни одна машина не может делать все, что тело может сделать. Ни одна машина не будет работать в течение 70 и более лет, днем и ночью, требуя только воздух, воду, пищу и несколько простых правил. Честно говоря, я никогда не имел желания быть профессиональным спортсменом. Я думаю, что профессиональный спорт не очень подходит для молодых людей, потому что дети просто не могут справиться с давлением мира спорта. На мой взгляд, молодым игрокам не должны разрешать становиться профессионалами в возрасте до 17 или 18 лет. Это моя точка зрения. Наша семья не занимаются профессиональным спортом. Самым популярным видом активного отдыха в нашей семье являются путешествие. Каждое лето мы путешествуем по своей стране и по другим странам.

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